A Tribute to Lenny Breau


A Gypsy's Bed

Rick Washbrook

A Gypsy's Bed is Rick Washbrook's two-cd homage to Lenny Breau. Breau, a guitarist whose technique and mystic grabbed the imagination of a generation of guitar players, is among a handful of musicians who changed the way guitarists approach the instrument--Wes Montgomery, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Pass, Kenny Burrell are among them.

Washbrook, a Canadian musician with exceptional skills, has crafted an acoustic tribute to Breau which is as much about Lenny Breau's playing as it is about guitar forms and Washbrook's own considerable talents. Both teacher and musical traveler Washbrook, with Gypsy's Bed, explores guitar forms from traditional through blues to jazz and classical--occasionally adding his voice. It is a tour de force of technique--or exploration if you will--that is delightful,
provocative and passionate.

For more information about the Breau tribute visit Washbrook's web site Washbrook.com or email:Rick Washbrook


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