Blue Junction Live in Aarhus



The blues has traveled well.

A music that developed in America's rural southern states. Arguably, much of it evolving in a 300 mile-wide corridor stretching from Mississippi's Gulf Coast up to Memphis, Tennessee. A small space on a big planet.

Blues traveled to St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, cities where steel, beer, cars, and, incidentally, where records made--records that made their way to Europe and beyond. Which brings us to Fatter Eskil, a blues bar in Aarhus, Denmark home of the fine Danish blues band Blue Junction. Blue Junction is made up of some of Denmark's finest blues Musicians. The band is Ole Frimer, guitar and vocal; Uffe Steen, guitar; Morton Brauner, bass, and Esben Bach, drums. The influences are Chicago blues and Texas blues filtered through Johnny Winter and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Whatever, Junction plays its own blend of these styles, making the music uniquely their own. The playing is superb. The blues, of course is "the blues", it is the same where ever the music is played:

I cried baby please don't leave me here alone/ I haven't had time to build my sweet home/ I've been working all day and spent too much time with the band at night/ but we had money to pay the bills/ and I just think I did what I thought was right --Ole Frimer, "Workin' Too Much.

That's what the blues is all about in Denmark or Chicago.

New Release

The Danish band, The Blue Junction, has released its second album
"Diamond On A Dump" on the new Danish label InTheHouse Records.

The album consists of eleven contemporary and original tracks, solidly based
on blues music with elements of soul, rock and jazz. The lyrics are the band
members' own everyday life experiences, performed with a sense of humour.

This high-volt live-to-tape recording session by a top-flight band,
underlines the words that followed The Blue Junction's 2000 Real Blues

The Blue Junction are definitely among the Top Five European bands and
they can hold their own with even the best from North America!

The Blue Junction:

Ole Frimer (guitar & vocals)
Uffe Steen (guitar)
Morten Brauner (bass)
Claus Daugaard (drums)

Distributed by:
Mis.Label, Jellingvej 6, DK-9230 Svenstrup, Denmark (Europe).
Phone: +45 98 380 404; Fax: +45 98 382 928; e-mail:



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